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Mr. Fred Schwenger serves faithfully as PATHS' Director and Automotive Technology Instructor.  Mr. Schwenger has formal training in pastoral ministry, subject matter expertise in various vocational trades, and is co-owner of Superior Automotive.


Our Construction Trades Instructors include Brian Peterson and Bob Remlein; both of whom are recognized as subject matter experts in the construction field and have an in-depth background teaching and mentoring high school students.

PATHS Board of Directors provides governance and oversight of the School and is represented by multiple churches in Atlantic County.  Our Board consists of members with extensive experience in family ministry, education, vocational trades, business, and technology. Current Board members include Vicki McMillian (chairwoman), Pastor John Sahl, Jason Sahl, Paul Champion, Bob Remlein, Rory Smith, Joe Barbera, George Kupp, and John Daniels.
Fred Schwenger, PATHS Director